yorkie Must Have items

These are a few of those "must have" Yorkie items.  They are for both you and the Yorkie in your families life.  Come back, as these items change frequently.

Care advice

When it comes to caring for your Yorkie, you need the best information that you can have.  These are care tips and items for caring for your loved one.

Puppy play

These are items that are very useful when it come to puppy play time.  These are items every Yorkie Puppy owner should have on hand.

AKC Yorkie - A Happy and Mighty Little Breed

Below are our featured AKC Yorkies for the month. Email us your pictures of your AKC Yorkie and we will feature your little one on our website. Please include their name and any other information about them that you would like us to include.

Could you give a Yorkie a new home?

We will be providing information on Yorkies that are looking for a new adoptive family. So keep coming back to see if someone has contacted us in need of a new home for a Yorkie. We will of course take the steps of finding out all of the information and history of the dog as we can.

Find your perfect companion

Below is information about Yorkies that will be up for adoption. We share this space with other sources that are looking to find forever homes for their special dogs. Please take a look and see if they might not leave paw prints on your heart !

AKC Yorkie Puppy
AKC Yorkie Puppy
AKC Yorkshire Terrier
AKC Yorkshire Terrier
AKC Yorkie
AKC Yorkie

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